Payment conditions. Secure payment

Payment methods available in our online store

The store has the following payment methods: Credit Cards (Visa / Master Card), Paypal and bank transfer or income in our BBVA account.

  • Payment method "Bank Transfer / Revenue", when you select this payment method when you make your purchase, and once confirmed, you will be shown on the screen the details of our bank account and the instructions to make the payment, you will also receive By email the data of our bank account and the instructions for the payment.

    If your intention is to pay by means of an income in any of the BBVA offices, you must enter the data of the Medinet Clinic account and make the entry in person by noting the order number.

    This modality does not carry any surcharge on the payment.

  • Form of payment "Paypal", this form of payment widely used on the Internet, uses the services of the Paypal gateway that will connect you with your Paypal account, with which you can make the payments in the way that you have agreed with them.

    You can also make your payments by credit card using Paypal payment gateway, this option will allow you to pay in your local currency since Paypal accepts virtually all coins.

    This modality carries a surcharge by Paypal, you can see the surcharge before making your payment

  • "Credit Card" payment method, this option will allow you to pay with your Visa / Master Card as long as you are registered in the CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) system, better known as Secure Payment.

    In this mode after verifying that the card is affixed to the CES system, the system will contact your bank for you to authorize the purchase. Normally your bank to confirm its authenticity usually sends an SMS to your mobile phone with a password that you will need to enter to accept the transaction, once these requirements are met, the card will be charged.

    Otherwise, an erroneous order will occur and you will receive an email indicating that your order has not been produced.

    This modality has no surcharge.

Can I pay with other currencies other than Euros?

Our store only accepts payments directly in Euros, but if you want to pay in your local currency, you must do so by selecting "Bank Transfer" payment or you can do it using the Paypal payment gateway.

  • If you select payment by bank transfer, you must order in your bank a transfer to our account in Spain in Euros, the transfer costs are on your own.

  • You can also choose payment with Paypal, after accepting your purchase you will go directly to the Paypal page, if you have Paypal account you must register and enter it, and at the time of making the payment select your local currency and make the payment.

    If you do not have Paypal account you do not need to register and you must select the Paypal page in the credit card section, after verifying the same you can choose your local currency. Paypal will convert your currency to Euros.

    You will pay with your currency and Paypal will make us in Euros income.

    This transaction has a surcharge from Paypal.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the web?

When you select the payment by credit card, and once accepted, the system communicates with your bank through the REDSYS gateway and all data is transmitted in encrypted SSL (https).

This gateway is transparent to us, ie we do not have any capacity to act on it, it depends 100% of the banking platforms in the country, and banks are responsible for their security.

Why can my credit card be rejected?

Your card may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • The card may not be affixed to the CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) system. Check with your bank.
  • Some input may be incorrect. Verify that you have filled in all required fields correctly.