Teoría de funcionamiento

The pillbox will always stop when it has taken a complete turn, that is, when once programmed, I turned the 28 positions, at that moment the display turns off, and if you press button 3 you will see the word End appear.

When on the display after pressing the 3 key End appears if you press button 1 the DAP is reactivated, without losing the programming or the time, it is time to recharge it, DAP will work normally with the programmed cycle until that it returns to give the complete return.

Suppose that you have programmed in the automatic pillbox 3 doses a day, the pill box will turn off after 9 days + a position, that is after the 1st taking of the tenth day it will turn off, it is time to press the button 1 and recharge it for another 9 days.

Example for 4 day shots.
If you schedule 4 shots a day, (28/4 = 7), this means that the DAP will be turned off on the 7th day, if we start the shots (1st scheduled) for example on Sunday at 9AM ... it will do 28 steps right on Saturday next after the 4th and last take of the day, the pill box will turn off after that shot, time to recharge it and once done this press button 1 to reactivate and start a new cycle.

If we want to adjust this to our schedule we have to play with the first alarm that is going to jump, that is, suppose we want to control the pillbox on Sundays after eating and that we have 4 alarms (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner ... the last 2 blank), then we will program it and load it for the first time on Sunday after eating so that the first step of the 28 is the one corresponding to that Sunday afternoon (the third intake of the day) ... .. following this DAP cycle there will be made the 28 steps to reach the next Sunday at noon, after that takes the pillbox will be turned off ... they recharge it and press the button 1 and DAP will make another sequence of 28 steps ending again the next Sunday after the midday take ... So on.

But if you would like to recharge it before, following the previous example of 4 shots a day, what you must do to restart the cycle (start a new cycle) is to reprogram it, that is, press button 1 to go through the 6 alarms , you do not have to change anything if you do not want to, just press button 1 several times until you finish the programming cycle, the first press blinks alarm 1, the second flashes alarm 2 ... so until you reach the sixth , if you press button 1 once more, the alarms stop blinking and you have already restarted the cycle.


- If the pills are too small, they should cut the blister in a rounded way to prevent them from moving from one compartment to another when the DAP is turned to deactivate the alarm.

- To check if the pills are too small and could jump out of the box, place some pills in certain compartments (memorize them), close the pillbox and turn it around, move it a little; then open it and check if the pills have jumped out of the compartment.


1.- Inserting batteries

Insert the batteries in the order indicated. Close the lid by pressing the tab back until you hear the "click".

2.- Open the top

BY DEFAULT PILLBOXES ARE OPEN, that is, with the position of the closure open. Below we detail the image to check the opening and closing position. View image


To open the lid press the flat part of the lid (rough area located in the closure), lift the exit tab of the medicines and pull upwards.View image

Wenn Sie es nach dem Laden sperren möchten, versuchen Sie zunächst mit der geöffneten Pillbox und ohne das Karussell, um ihm die notwendige kleine Drehung zu geben, dann bringen Sie es in die Ausgangsposition zurück, schließen Sie den Deckel und drehen Sie den Schlüssel.

Um die Pillbox zu schließen, den Schlüssel einstecken und nach links (im Uhrzeigersinn) drehen, bis der flache Teil des Verschlusses leicht nach links zeigt. View image

Mit einer kleinen Drehung von 10º nach links reicht der Schlüssel zum Schließen der Pillbox. TREFFE ES NICHT

3.- Correct position of the carousel.

The carousel should be positioned initially so that the compartment where the tablets are placed centered match the output of drug, to put correctly lift the carousel and drop it into a position where the carousel centered match. (do not force the position).View image 1

In the event that the carousel is positioned incorrectly as shown in image 2 the pill box will not work properly since once programmed, when the time of the shot arrives, the carousel will advance more than one position with what would be lost that takes. View image 2


4.-Correct closing of the lid.

For the correct closing of the pillbox, press the lid through the closing area until you hear a clear click.

If it is not closed properly, the movement of the carousel can get stuck.


4.-Select the time mode 12/24 h.

By default it uses the 24h format. To change to 12h format press buttons 2 and 3 simultaneously. The AM and PM symbols will appear.

5.-Put the unit on time.

Press button 1 for a few seconds until the ":" blinks and release.

Set the current time by pressing button 2 for the hours. At the moment it is pressed, it will start flashing.

Set the current time by pressing the 3 button to adjust the minutes. At the moment you press it starts flashing.

To store the time, press button 1.

6.- Selection and adjustment of alarms.

Press 1 and the alarm will start flashing 1. Select hour and minutes with buttons 2 and 3. Press 1 to set and alarm.

Once alarm 1 is set, alarm2 will flash. Select hour and minutes with buttons 2 and 3. Press 1 to set and alarm.

Once the alarm 2 is set, the alarm will begin to flash. 3. Repeat the previous steps to configure each one of the alarms.

Depending on the shots that each person has to make, the alarms must be configured in different ways: (example)

  • For3 daily shots:Alarms 1,2 and 3 must be programmed and the remaining alarms left blank (-: -)
  • For4 daily shots:alarms 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be programmed and the rest left blank (-: -).

 To cancel any alarm press and hold the button 2 until the screen shows -: - (so on with each of the alarms programmed). View image

7.-Select tone for alarms.

DAP has three different alarm tones: A, B and C on the screen will indicate the selected tone, and if no letter appears, the selected tone is "silent".

8.- Change alarm tone.

Press button 3 and 1 at the same time until the alarm tone A, B, C or silence is selected..

Once assigned the alarm tone to finish releasing button 3.

NOTE:: The dispenser configuration is not lost even if the batteries are removed.

9.- Auto-configuration of the dial.

Place the carousel and fill the pillbox to the right starting with the first box, so that when the carousel rotates at the scheduled time of the next shot (which will do it in a clockwise direction), it will position that first compartment in the output of the tablets. See image.

Once the pillbox is filled, we can place the dial on it so that it matches the programmed taps and number it.

10.- Check of the unit

It is recommended to do the test before starting to program any alarm to see that the pillbox works correctly:


Press button 2 for 15 seconds until the symbol CH appears.

Press button 1 to perform the check. All indicators will appear on the screen.

The engine will move only until it reaches the next compartment.
Check the alarms and the LED lights up.
We check that the alarms work correctly and press button 3 to exit the test.

If we observe that the automatic pill dispenser does not work well, we will have to change the batteries and perform the test again.

Once verified that the test works correctly we can start programming the pillbox.