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    An exceptional product that will solve the problem of controlling medication ......... Don’t hesitate.

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    The decision to buy an automatic
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    If you doubt the right medication for you
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Medinet Clinic

Personal Medication Dispenser


One of the most important problems for older people who normally have to combine drugs several times a day is to remember and make sure they are taking their medication well, otherwise their health will be affected. But older people are sometimes forgetful and if they also have memory problems, controlling the medication happens to be a decisive factor for their health.

And this is generally a problem has very easy solution, our Automatic Pill Dispenser is your answer. DAP101 can definitively solve this problem, and with a little dedication on the part of the person who controls the medication, help improve the health of our elders.

An exceptional and quality product, which definitively solves, for a modest price, the problems that arise when it is necessary to give the medication to the elderly people affected many times by the senile dementia, or in general or all those affected with problems of Alzheimer's disease, patients with Parkinson's disease, or patients with visual impairment, etc.

Pastillero DAP

Pill Dispenser  "DAP"


The electronic pillbox DAP101 allows the delivery of medication in a controlled way, up to 6 daily programs. It has 28 individual compartments so with 4 daily programs it becomes a weekly pillbox . The programming is simple and it is only necessary to do it once, and as long as you do not change the schedules, you do not have to change it anymore,  not even with the change of batteries.

Lock with safety key

It has a key so the patient can not open it and alter the medication. In a full weekly configuration, the pill box is loaded once a week with the pills you have to take at breakfast, at lunch, mid-afternoon and at night; It is locked and you just have to leave it on the table where you normally eat.

Multiple alarms

When the set time arrives, the internal carriage turns by giving access to the pills in the corresponding compartment. At that time an alarm will sound (configurable in tone and volume) and a red light will flash, the person who has to take the medication will only have to turn it over the hand, they will drop the pills and then the alarms will be deactivated until the Next shot.

You will never have to worry about medication again.

For a modicum price will have disappeared the problems you have with the medication of your loved ones.

If you have problems with your elderly medication, it's time to think about your loved ones and for a reasonable price to buy our Automatic Pills Dispenser; In a few days you will have effectively solved your problem.

Why buy a DAP dispenser?

DAP dispenser is designed for institutional use in the individual supply of medication in centres for adults, or for use in the home. It is equipped with a programmable alarm up to six times a day, an indicator of the daily intake, and a warning system for configurable sound volume and tone and a flashing light alert.

DAP is thought to help in the supply of the medication to people older, to people with deficiencies in the attention as affected by Alzheimer and dementia senile, for people with deficiencies Visual, but also is suitable for any person that have that take several times to the day a medication complicated; with its 28 compartments dispenser can be programmed between 4 and 28 days depending on the number of times a day. 

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Medinet Clinic

Company based in Spain

Medinet Clinic sl, is a medical company specializing in electromedicine products whose activity is focused on Internet commerce.

We supply products directly to pharmacies, medical centers, medical professionals, or through distributors to any sector related to medical products, and of course to the final customer who buys in one of our online stores.

Medinet Clinic has its own products, among which the automatic dispenser DAP is presented in this website dedicated to it. It is an exceptional product that solves a problem very common among the elderly.